The Disappearing Engineering Department

Over the past few decades, we have been witness to the demise of the hotel engineering department. When we visit hotels, we  typically find engineering offices in chaos, preventative maintenance lacking, and the experience level of the “engineers” dropping. Also are the number of “engineers” at property. Many of the properties we visit, or renovate, are continually searching for “handymen” that just fix simple challenges, but call in outside services for the more complicated.
Aside from this being an obvious shame, it’s also very dangerous for the asset you own or manage. The lack of a professional engineering department can be devastating to a hotel’s physical condition. Our properties take a lot of physical abuse, and if there are not competent associates trained in preventative maintenance, the results will show up in deferred maintenance, as well as high repair costs.
Take a look at how engineering is staffed. At what they are doing to ensure that your property is in good condition.
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