most common, yet preventative, hotel problems

We visited another property today that has dropped off the face of the earth with regards to preventative maintenance. Our PM guru, Marc Fleischer, lists the follow top 17 problems found in most hotels we visit. Are yours in the same boat?

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Top 17 most common, preventative problems: 

  1. No Guest Room Preventative Maintenance
  2. No Equipment Preventative Maintenance
  3. HVAC filters not being replaced
  4. Bathroom exhaust vents OOO
  5. Daily temperature checks not being conducted & recorded
  6. Daily building walks not being conducted & recorded
  7. Fire Alarm panels in “trouble”
  8. Fire alarm / sprinkler testing past due
  9. Domestic water pumps not operational
  10. Domestic hot water systems with no thermometers
  11. Domestic hot water systems with mixing valve temp at 140 degrees
  12. Chiller systems with bad compressors
  13. No first aid or eye wash stations in working areas
  14. No MSDS or outdated MSDS books in /Pool/Engineering
  15. Guest rooms OOO for length time with no return on date
  16. Boiler rooms with excessive leaking pipes
  17. Unreported structural damage


Look: it’s great to have super IT systems, beautiful furniture, and brilliant architecture.

But if your property is being eaten apart by lack of property maintenance, then you are in a very precarious position. 

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