Hotel Preventative Maintenance

We travel across the country as we renovate hotels for ownership groups. We also visit hotels being considered for acquisition. One trend that we find quite consistently is a lack of PM. Why? Perhaps it’s a naïve belief a computer will cure PM challenges? Perhaps it’s a lack of training? Perhaps it’s an attitude that PM just does not matter. Perhaps it’s all three.

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We have completed over 16,500 guest rooms in 30 states.

As hotel owners, we’re very sensitive to the infrastructure of a hotel and the reality that PM is VERY important.

Without it, a renovation can be made useless in a very short time.

And the resultant cost goes right onto the P&L affecting NOI. Not planned.

Guest discomfort, cost, property damage and more.

We have found ways to offset this unfortunate reality. One is a group called DLB headed by Marc Fleischer.

Marc has created a Q&A format that, in a couple of days, can alert an owner or a manager about the condition of their property.

Way more important than a PCA, this focus includes training the engineering team on property; another area forgotten over time.

Take some time to consider. It’s important.

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