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Over the last 5 years, I’ve renovated and/or performed detailed Engineering Reviews at over 40 hotels. I hope these topics help my fellow hoteliers, management companies & owners as we move forward during this challenging time period.
If you have any questions about any topic, please message me or connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIN. Stay safe my friends.
Preventative maintenance (PM) is the cornerstone of a properly functioning hotel Engineering Department.

PM’s should be conducted on all equipment and in all spaces.

The best way to know what PM needs to be conducted and how often will usually be located in the equipment’s operational manual.
If you do not have an operational manual, the manufacturer should provide one, or search the internet. All spaces should be PM’d too, including offices, meeting rooms and back of house.
Does your management company have a company PM program? Are your Engineers performing and documenting all PM’s? Are they performing PM on all equipment and in all spaces?
Who is ensuring PM is conducted as the manufacturer suggests? Is the GM inspecting PM?
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