executive lounge makes way to open landscape

The post-Covid world will herald changes in hospitality in a myriad of areas. One of these could be the executive lounge.

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Long an amenity to dedicated road warriors, this area of the hotel was supposed to be off limits to the “other” guests.

Open during breakfast and dinner, the lounge provided a secluded place to hang out. It was a clear and envied upgrade.

But they may be coming to an end.

There appears to be a coming movement in the hotel industry to have a more “open landscape” approach to public space. The “closed” environment of these executive lounges may not fit.

Or they may, but they will be much different.

Probably most of these lounges will be on the lobby floor, not on a limited-access guest room floor. Also, the costs associated with providing this amenity may not fit in a changed hospitality setting.

Brands will continue to find ways to create loyalty, but executive lounges may not be that way.  

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