hotel design trends post-covid

How will hotels look and operate post-Covid? There is no easy answer, but let’s take a look at expected operations and design trends. 

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Guest rooms will be rented, occupied, cleaned, and re-rented as usual. Food and Beverage will be served. But the manner in which we serve will change. 

Look for continued focus on cleanliness, as well as contactless check-in and check-out, especially in select-service properties.

Expect to do away with throw pillows and other non-launderable design elements. 

We might see carpeting make way to hard floors, along with high-tech TV and heavier dependence upon mobile functionality. 


Meeting-planning will pay close attention to CDC guidelines, continuing to enforce social distancing. This gives way to great change.

The day and age of buffets as we know them might well be dead.

Small plates, stand up catering, grazing stations, grab and go’s and scannable menus. 

The list can go on forever, but in reality–it’s too soon to know. A vaccine is on the horizon, which will introduce new variants.

Here’s to innovative strategy! We can’t wait to see what the future has in store. 



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