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Over the last 5 years, I’ve renovated and/or performed detailed Engineering Reviews at over 40 hotels. I hope these topics help my fellow hoteliers, management companies & owners as we move forward during this challenging time period.
If you have any questions about any topic, please message me or connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIN. Stay safe my friends.
Paint. One of my favorite subjects!
Seriously, “everyone” thinks they can paint, but it’s not true. Painting is as much of a skill as being an electrician, plumber or HVAC tech.

There is not a hotel I have been to in the last 5 years that did not have noticeable paint issues.

Noticeable includes but not limited to; mismatched paint, improper sheen for location, flashing or dry roller marks, drips and orange peel.
This is a general rule of thumb for paint sheens:
Guest room, common space ceilings: “Ceiling white” Flat
Guest room, common space walls: Satin or Egg Shell
Guest bathroom ceilings: Satin, Egg Shell or Semi-Gloss
Guest bathroom walls: Satin, Egg Shell or Semi-Gloss
Doors & Frames: Semi-Gloss
This is a general rule of thumb for roller nap:
Interior ceilings & walls: 3/8” or foam
Doors & frames: Foam
Exterior walls: 1/2” or higher
Concrete, brick, etc.: 3/4” or higher

Before you paint, the object being painted needs to be properly prepared.


If the surface is not ready, it will be noticeable.

Also, EVERY Engineering department should keep a list of what paint color & sheen is used throughout their hotel.
The list should include the paint company, color name, color code and sheen, and where used.
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