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Over the last 5 years, I’ve renovated and/or performed detailed Engineering Reviews at over 40 hotels. I hope these topics help my fellow hoteliers, management companies & owners as we move forward during this challenging time period.
If you have any questions about any topic, please message me or connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIN. Stay safe my friends.

The most important part of an Engineers day is completing the daily walk through.  Checking all spaces and recording temperatures.

In early 2019, after I completed an Engineering Review, the VPO sent my report to his region. At another hotel in the region, the Chief Engineer read the review and started a daily walkthrough.

In the boiler room, he found the recirc pump was spraying water. He shut it down and replaced the gasket.

If he had not found it, it could have gotten worse.

The water could have leaked through the floor, and into telephone and TV equipment room below. It could have been a disaster.

Daily walkthroughs are the first step in prevention. Knowing your hotel and what temperatures your boilers, water heaters, mixing valves, refrigeration, pool & hot tub should be on a daily basis is key to an effective Engineering Department.

Does your Engineering Department have a recorded daily walk through checklist?

Are they recording visual checks and temperatures twice a day? Are they paying attention to the temperatures and making corrections or calling for service if needed?

Who is following up? If you need a customizable spreadsheet, contact me.

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