Two teams play in the superbowl

But you only remember the winner.

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What do hotels have in common with the Super Bowl? Well, which one makes history?

    1. The best-looking hotel
    2. The hotel with the most expensive furnishings
    3. The hotel that has the best service
    4. The hotel that creates the cash flow to reach project financial forecasts

Number 4, of course.

So why do we spend so much time on hotel design? 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have a great looking hotel.

But let’s face it–investors are buying cash flow, not beauty. 

Franchisors must wake up to this reality sooner than later. Having PIPs that are onerous and one-sided will not help brands grow their portfolios.

We have renovated over 14,000 rooms in the past decade and are finding it harder than ever to talk sense to the franchisors with regards to design changes.

One brand, a group house, just advised us they no longer want dinner-focused restaurants. So when a group of 400 breaks without a banquet, and they go the bar manned by one bartender, how happy will they be?

Not very.

We have some new realities as we move out of Covid. My hope is that the brands figure this out, sooner than later.

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